Markenwelt von Held

The absolute will to create something good. Something beautiful. Something new. Some-thing different. Something we can be proud of. Kymo just want to do things differently – be better, unusual, interesting – in the small things and big things. So every detail counts. And doing things by hand is the key. Because you have to feel something in order to make it great. We make great carpets. And we love it! As a team with everyone contributing and doing what they do best. And together, we always do things our way. We don’t look at what others are doing. Instead, we question conventional wisdom so we can apply our revolutionary new ideas. In keeping with our slogan: GO ON. AND CREATE. The greatest reward for our efforts is being able to work with people who think like us – who understand and love our work and our products as much as we do. Because imagination, enthusiasm and creative drive know no boundaries. And that’s what we aim to convey – and foster – in our work.

Held Markenwelt Service

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