Markenwelt von Held

Morassutti is a signature for many years in the panorama of Italian furniture quality, expression of a territory by the expert hands of carpenters, has been able to create industrial reality of undisputed seriousness and competence in bringing the design and excellence in the world of furniture. The company has a plant of 24,000 square meters. where experienced staff follows each stage of production in the realization of articles that are proposed for both the sleeping area, as the wardrobes program and bed sets, and for both the living area, with a program to a system of containers and shoulder carrier. Winning subjects of Morassutti proposal and unanimously recognized by the market are the excellent quality of materials used, the expertise and the high level of workmanship and professionalism of the service offered to its partners, intended as a true collaboration to create a strong synergy proposal for the public.

Held Markenwelt Service

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